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Road Safety Key Performance Indicator System for Switzerland

At a glance


In Switzerland, certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on road user behaviour are collected and evaluated annually. This is mainly done through observations or surveys regarding self-described behaviour. It is in the nature of things that some procedures are rather time-consuming and error-prone.

In the areas of vehicle technology, road infrastructure and emergency services, no KPIs are currently determined in Switzerland. Methods for the collection of KPIs relevant to Switzerland are now to be developed. The focus is on an ideally automated collection of valid data in the area of behaviour and vehicle technology, which have a high correlation with the occurrence of accidents. Current developments in artificial intelligence (e.g. in video recording) and in road vehicles (data recorders, etc.) offer promising possibilities for anonymised and systematic data collection. A greater challenge is the collection of data on non-motorised traffic, which is currently the focus of road safety work for various reasons. The data situation in the rescue sector is also currently not uniformly regulated.

As a final product, a list is prepared with priorities, effort estimates and possible regulatory obstacles (data sovereignty).

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