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Indoor Navigation for Personalised Shopping

At a glance

  • Project leader : Dr. Josef Spillner
  • Project team : Panagiotis Gkikopoulos
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Innosuisse (Innovationsscheck / Projekt Nr. 62895.1 INNO-ICT)
  • Project partner : Nexgen AG
  • Contact person : Josef Spillner


Smart personalised shopping is enabled by a number of cyber-physicaltechnologies including electronic shelf labels (ESLs), beacons, sensors,connected point-of-sales (POS) and so forth. In this project, thealready known product location and quantity information associated withthe ESLs shall be complemented by Bluetooth signalisation in order toachieve indoor navigation. This requires answers to three challengingresearch questions: How can the precision be increased in order totarget individual shelves, potentially making use of advanced BluetoothLow Energy (BLE) device generations? How can an economic bundling ofhardware be achieved in order to target smaller shops? How would theuser be guided, for instance via mobile app, to ensure customers wouldmake use of the deployed infrastructure?

Novel methods such as beaconand WiFi signal fusion along with beacon stack voting will befield-tested in this project.