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Needs Analysis for Intercultural Training of Higher Education Employees

At a glance

  • Project leader : Prof. Dr. Patrick Studer
  • Co-project leader : Jacqueline Bürki
  • Deputy of project leader : Dr. Sandra McGury
  • Project budget : CHF 27'000
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Internal (International Affairs Office ZHAW)
  • Contact person : Patrick Studer


The R&D unit Language Management and Globalisation has the lead in a collaboration consortium consisting of BFH, HES-SO, SUPSI & ZHAW in the context of two ongoing Movetia projects1. High-Impact Measures for the Comprehensive Internationalization of Curricula  (No. 2019-1-CH01-OF-0017) aimed at inter-university collaboration and pursuing a comprehensive and transformative approach to internationalization of teaching and learning. 2. Swiss Global Competence Lab (SGCL) (No. 2020-1-CH01-OF-0030) aimed at developing institutional structures needed to advance innovation in the area of internationalization of the curriculum. One of the activities offered by the SGCL is a Training Week for potential Internationalization of Curricula (IoC) advocates with the aim of preparing these individuals for their role as IoC innovators within their area of responsibility. Active participants engage in a series of activities and tasks, ranging from critical reflection on their perceptions concerning IoC, their vision of inclusion and global citizenship, to the application of diagnostic and coaching instruments in the field. The training week will be held in spring 2023. This project carries out an analysis among administrative and academic staff concerning their needs for the development of international and intercultural skills. This analysis will be conducted through quantitative and qualitative surveys in selected contexts within the four member institutions of the SGCL.

Further information