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Pathways and supportive policies for accelerating vehicle to grid (V2G) technology

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A key issue in the ongoing transition to net zero transport is sector-coupling: an efficient mobilisation of complementary innovations in adjacent sectors such as electricity or ICT. A key concept at the intersection of all three sectors is V2G technology. In this project, we will identify viable socio-technical pathways and supportive policies for V2G implementation.

Drawing on international best practices from leading countries, we explore V2G technology development, assess the potential of different user segments (fleet operators, individuals), digital platforms and aggregators (electric utilities, charging station operators), and analyse how technologies and actor roles align with cross-sectoral competences (e.g. in ICT) and electricity systems.

The findings are subsequently assessed for their applicability in Switzerland. Our research is rooted in the field of innovation and transition studies. We use a mixed methods approach and combine various data sources (policy documents, interviews, transport statistics, reports from pilot projects).