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Literature Screening for SSPH+


At a glance



A large number of scientific publications become available on a daily basis, reflecting the rapid development of knowledge and progress of science on COVID-19 related issues. Leading authorities should base decisions or policies on this knowledge; hence they need to master the actual state of this knowledge. Due to the large number of publications shared daily, decision makers heavily depend on accurate summaries of these publications, in the different public health domains.


  • Inform FOPH and various users of public agencies, commissions or advisory boards in support of FOPH and its prime partners in the management of the crisis (e.g., Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force) on recent findings from the literature that may impact the strategy
  • Answer parliamentary and media requests


Literature Review


  • Summary from initial literature Screening
  • New evidence to be included/added to the existing summary
  • Ad hoc updates on publications considered highly relevant