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Workplace Experience

Emotional Services as tool to create added value for companies and employees

At a glance


Aim is to develop new theory for Workplace Experience according to scientific standards. The purpose of the development of new theory under inclusion of various experience topics is on the one hand the thematic expansion or the further development of the Facility Management (FM) and the competences. So far, FM has been associated with more technical and operational topics. These classic topics can gain new attention through a more solution-oriented approach and can be enriched by experiencability and emotions in the spirit of the times. They also focus on positive effects with regard to the human capital of the knowledge industry, which enables a new perception of FM; FM as a provider of added value instead of a pure cost centre. A further benefit is that Swiss companies can use their working environments and associated offerings as an effective tool through new contributions to the Workplace Experience and can thus, for example, make a positive contribution to factors such as work performance, employee retention and employer attractiveness. The services market can create new offerings and employees can also benefit from Workplace Experience measures, which can, for example, act as a resource for mental health. The theoretical basics and a Workplace Experience Framework also serve as teaching and further training (e.g. in the BSC in FM, specialization Workplace, CAS Workplace Management), which are continuously improved and further developed by current development topics. At the same time, this development serves as a preliminary work for subsequent research.