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Regionalised Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment

At a glance


The start-up financed project is a research cooperation of the research groups Life Cycle Assessment, Geography of Food and Geoinformatics for the development of a competence focus "Regionalised Agricultural LCA". The feasibility of a regionalised life cycle assessment will be examined with regard to technical and conceptual aspects as well as possible restrictions on data availability using the example of a case study on soy from Brazil. A matrix is derived from the case study, which compares the data requirements of life cycle assessment with the data availability in geoinformation systems. In the framework of the TRANSFOOD project data on soybean cultivation in Brazil will be collected for the project in cooperation with a Brazilian partner. This project is a first step towards the sustainability assessment of agricultural value chains in Europe and the whole world based on regionalised LCA results. A concrete area of application for regionalised LCA results is, for example, the development of interactive maps on the sustainability of food.