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COST Action – Active and intelligent fibre-based packaging - innovation and market introduction

At a glance

  • Project leader : Prof. Dr. Selçuk Yildirim
  • Project team : Bettina Röcker
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : EU and other international programmes (COST Action / FP1405 - ActInPak)
  • Contact person : Selçuk Yildirim


Research and development of new fibre-based packaging materials with active and intelligent features have shown huge potential to optimise the supply chain, and increase the shelf-life of foodstuff and enhance consumer consciousness of food utilisation. Very few of the potential solutions have, however, been able to reach the market.

This Action aims to identify and focus on the key technical, social, economic and legislative factors relevant for a successful deployment of renewable fibre-based functional packaging solutions. This will be achieved by conducting research and development into active and intelligent packaging, encompassing both scientific and technical solutions, addressing the opportunities for, and obstacles to, market introduction. The innovative approach of this Action lies in the sharp focus on the integration of active and intelligent solutions in papermaking in order to create next-generation functional fibre-based packaging. The Action will achieve the objectives by providing an open multidisciplinary platform for the complete paper and board packaging value chain and aims at strong involvement of industrial partners throughout Europe. Sustainable fibre-based packaging materials with new and active functionalities may help to introduce new products on the market with higher value and profits for paper and board manufacturers than traditional products.

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