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Spatio-temporal databases (st-DB)

Efficient Management and Analysis of large volumes of geodata in ecological monitoring

At a glance


The overarching goal of this project is the build-up of expertise in designing and maintaining  spatio-temporal databases in the context of data-driven ecological monitoring (software, hardware).

The specific goals of the study are

  • Case studies. Design and implementation of spatio-temporal databases in the context of ongoing geodata-driven research projects.

  • Development of efficient and effective interfaces linking conventional GIS frontends with the latest database technology.

  • Development and implementation of analysis pipelines within the spatial database.

  • Evaluation of the potential of providing spatio-temporal databases as a service.

The project achieved the following results

  • Development of an error propagation approach for multi-temporal UAV-based remotely sensed geodata (raster data).

  • Development of a bi-temporal database concept for the management and analysis of historic geodata (vector data).

  • Development of novel integration approaches linking GIS-Software with spatial databases.

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