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Three new research groups at the CAI

Since September 2023, the groups on Responsible AI, Industrial AI and Cybernetic Learning Systems started their endeavor.

New CLS Group

Recently, the CAI has grown to more than 35 people, mainly due to three new research groups since last September. These groups are an important and welcomed addition to the method-oriented applied research and development focus at the CAI in the field of machine learning that is committed to a human-centred approach to artificial intelligence, actively shaping the ethical dimension. Each group leader has shared briefly with us what their focus is.

IAI – Industrial AI 

Dr. Alisa Rupenyan, head of IAI:

“We focus on developing learning-based control and optimization methods that integrate expert knowledge and symbolic relationships to optimize industrial manufacturing processes, enhance autonomy, and ensure safety in the face of complex dynamics and variability.”

CLS – Cybernetic Learning Systems 

Dr. Manuel Renold, head of CLS:

“Cybernetics is the study of interaction and feedback processes, which drives our approach to developing AI solutions for complex systems. We develop AI agents which can interact with their environment, communicate and cooperate with other agents, and learn from feedback. Combining human expertise and creativity with the processing power of AI allows us to create new solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.”

RAI – Responsible AI Innovation 

Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga, head of RAI: “Responsible AI Innovation requires addressing ethical and societal implications of technology in ways that are robust, human-centred and compatible with the realities of society, the industrial sector and policy making. We combine state-of-the-art research with proven expertise on technological translation, governance of emerging technology and multi-stakeholders engagement to promote AI technology for the common good.”

The CAI congratulates each group leader and we look forward to the fantastic output of these groups!