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Institute of Nursing and Spitex Zürich Sihl take collaboration to the next level

The Institute of Nursing and the home care organisation Spitex Zürich Sihl have signed a contract renewing their partnership. They have been working together for years now to scale up home care. The new agreement provides a secure, institutional framework for all future joint projects, allowing the partners to continue their successful collaboration.

The home care organisation Spitex Zürich Sihl and the ZHAW Institute of Nursing have been working together closely for years. Thanks to this partnership, the Institute of Nursing benefits from direct access to home care expertise and knowledge exchange with the home care sector. Additionally, the collaboration allows the Institute of Nursing to integrate elements of home care into its educational offers. As for Spitex Zürich Sihl, it is able to shape research in home care as a clinical partner. Partnering with the Institute of Nursing also offers it access to a growing body of research and provides it with the opportunity to help develop new educational programmes.

The joint agreement establishes a new basis for the partners' collaboration, allowing them to continue to benefit from a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience.

Media release Spitex Zürich Sihl (in German only)

Spitex Zürich Sihl