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Incoming students

Whether it is a clinical placement or an exchange semester at ZHAW, we support your project.

Welcome to Winterthur

Incoming students are very welcome at the School of Health Sciences. You can do a clinical placement in German-speaking Switzerland, at ZHAW itself or attend courses within the School of Health Sciences as part of an exchange semester.

Practical experience

The School of Health Sciences at ZHAW supports students at its partner universities in the search for clinical placements in German-speaking Switzerland within a quota limit. If the incoming student’s university has signed an agreement with ZHAW for the Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP), contact between the universities is established through the corresponding coordinator.

Requests for clinical placements outside of these partner contracts cannot be accepted.

Studying for a degree

Students with a foreign higher education entry qualification and with sufficient knowledge of German are welcome at the School of Health Sciences! Would you like to stay for the entire study programme or only one semester?

Exchange semester

The School of Health Sciences gives priority to students from partner universities. The responsible person for outgoing students at the partner university establishes contact with ZHAW. Students from universities without a partner contract with ZHAW are also welcome and free to inquire about the admission procedure.

Full-time study

International students can enrol for the full study programme at the School of Health Sciences at ZHAW. The formal registration procedure is the same as for all other students, meaning that the deadlines for registration must be respected and candidates have to successfully complete the aptitude test as well as a personal interview. Sound German language skills of at least level C1 are essential. The programme secretaries for the various degree programmes are happy to offer advice on the recognition of foreign diplomas. You can find details and contact information on the individual courses offered under the heading “Studying for a degree”.

Please note that we cannot provide financial support for your stay in Switzerland if you apply outside the Swiss European Mobility Program.

Short term mobility

At the School of Health Sciences we invite international students to take part in regularly organised, short-term programmes such as the Winter School, various Summer Schools, the mobility week in occupational therapy or the European Nursing Module (ENM).  For more information on these international activities at the School of Health Sciences go to “Internationalisation at Home”.