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ZHAW digital funds eight additional projects as part of the “Digital Futures Fund”

Eight new projects were selected by ZHAW digital and will receive up to CHF 20’000 in funds. Further applications can be submitted by 25 June.

The "Digital Futures Fund" funding program by ZHAW digital is aimed at all ZHAW employees who are involved in digital transformation inside and outside the ZHAW. In 2020, 27 projects were funded that provided an overarching benefit during the pandemic. In 2021, 13 projects were already selected in the first round of awards, and eight more are now being added. Interested ZHAW employees can apply by 25June 2021, to be considered in the third round of awards.

Privacy Awareness among young people and ZHAW students

Nico Ebert from the ZHAW School of Management and Law, for example, can look forward to receiving funding. At the Institute of Business Information Technology, an intervention (e.g. a Youtube video) is being developed with ZHAW students at Master's level, with the help of which young people are to be made aware of data protection risks on the Internet. The effectiveness of the intervention will then be studied in a controlled field experiment with two viewing times over a period of one month. "ZHAW students will be made aware of privacy risks and will have to think about how to convey knowledge to younger people or people of the same age. The video can be used for ZHAW students and outside ZHAW," says Ebert.

What makes a photo beautiful?

Photos are an essential medium in corporate and science communications. But what types of images are viewed on social media and photo-sharing platforms and what makes them appealing? Wibke Weber of the ZHAW Department of Applied Linguistics aims to better understand the aesthetic and semantic properties of the photos in relation to their academic context in the joint project between Media Linguistics (Visuals Semiotics) and Computer Vision (Machine Learning/Deep Learning). “We will combine machine learning with methods from visual semiotics and perform a data driven analysis to spot patterns in the photos by extracting structural, holistic scene features, and semantic information of the photos,” says Weber. The findings will be presented in a workshop to the communications professionals of the ZHAW..

Applications for the call can still be submitted

Anyone working at the ZHAW who would like to develop or test an innovative idea in the field of digital transformation can submit their application in the ongoing Call for Projects via this link. Three times per year, the Digital Futures Lab will co-decide which projects will be funded. For the second round, applications submitted by 23:59 on 25 June 2021 will be considered.

More information on the Call.