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Department contact person

The remaining costs are paid for by the department at which you are studying, provided that you have obtained the approval of the department beforehand. To request approval, please get in touch with the responsible contact person per e-mail.

School Degree Program Contact Person E-mail
A Architecture Kohne Andreas
A Civil Engineering Thalparpan Patrik
G BSc Occupational Therapy Kneisner Maren
G BSc Health Promotion and Prevention Jüngling Kerstin
G BSc Midwifery Schwager Monika
G BSc Nursing Ris Irène
G BSc Physiotherapy Tobler-Harzenmoser Judith
G MSc Occupational Therapy Galli Hudec Claudia
G MSc Midwifery Krahl Astrid
G MSc Nursing Fringer André
G MSc Physiotherapy Niedermann Schneider Karin
L BA Communication Kessler Helga
L BA Applied Linguistics Pantli Anna-Katharina
L MA-Specialisation Organisational Communication Kessler Helga
L MA-Specialisations Professional Translation & Conference Interpreting Pantli Anna-Katharina
N Life Sciences oder Facility Management (BSc and MSc) Stadelmann Ellen
P Applied Psychology (BSc and MSc) Schmugge Barbara
S BSc Social Work Naeff Selina
S MSc Social Work Hess Jeannine
T School of Engineering (BSc and MSc) Kunz Markus
W School of Management and Law (BSc and MSc) Diemer Lea