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Inno Booster Blockchain DMRV Biogas

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Our research project focuses on implementing a Digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (DMRV) solution in India to support financing for a large-scale biodigester initiative. With around 100,000 biodigesters planned for construction next year, a trustful DMRV system is crucial for transparent and accountable project financing.

Backed by leading NGOs, our initiative has immense scalability potential, extending to regions in Asia, South America, and Africa. Through blockchain technology, we aim to establish a secure platform for biodigester registration and verification, creating new income opportunities for farmer families.This project not only addresses the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions but also serves as a pathway out of poverty for rural communities. It exemplifies the power of "Blockchain for Good," showcasing technology's role in fostering socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.