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ALIENCE - Alpine PV Competence

At a glance


The realisation of alpine PV plants faces a special challenge compared to plants on the Swiss Plateau. In the Alps, wind loads are higher, snow drifts occur, temperature cycles are faster and temperature amplitudes are larger, and at the same time the irradiation of energy-rich UV light is increased. This results in additional requirements for the module design, the supporting structure, the system technology, the maintenance and the operational management of such systems.

In this project, scientific questions on the following topics will be addressed: (1) mounting system and influence of the mounting system on PV modules; (2) selection of suitable PV modules for alpine use; (3) optimisation of the system design to achieve maximum yields, especially in the winter months; (4) selection of suitable outdoor measurement technology to assess systems and modules; (5) general system aspects (selection of components, system design for measurements on installations); and (6) quality monitoring of installations.