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Development and piloting of a memory notebook for people with mild cognitive impairment

At a glance


This project aims to develop and pilot a memory notebook for people with mild cognitive impairment. The Memory Notebook is designed to help people with mild cognitive impairment to better structure their daily lives. The notebook is structured like an agenda and contains three sections per day. One section for planning appointments, one for noting tasks to be done, and one for making notes, for example, special events and experiences.

The memory notebook can be used as a supportive tool for conventional physiotherapists or occupational therapists, e.g., to plan their conventional therapies with patients or to plan exercises for home. In the first phase, the Memory Notebook and an accompanying manual for physiotherapy and occupational therapy will be developed in a participatory approach. In a second phase, the usability, practicability, and acceptance of the Memory Notebook from the perspective of physiotherapists and occupational therapists and the perspective of people with mild cognitive impairment in an outpatient setting will be investigated using a sequential explanatory mixed-methods approach.