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Swiss IPD

A practical framework for Integrated Project Delivery in Switzerland

Traditional project delivery vs. IPD model

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The Swiss IPD project proposes a practical method for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) specific to the Swiss construction market and its legal, regulatory and cultural environment to significantly improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of construction projects in Switzerland.

Traditional project delivery models, as commonly applied in Switzerland today, struggle with poor overall project performance. Initial cost and schedule targets are often not met due to frequent cost overruns, quality problems, and delays. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is an organizational model innovation designed to overcome the fragmentation of construction project delivery to improve cost and time performance and sustainability of projects.

IPD uses a multi-party contracts that unite planners, contractors, owner and operators early-on to collectively share financial risk and reward, incentivizing interdisciplinary collaboration, long-term relationships, and collaboration towards common project goals. Swiss IPD is a novel solution to the Swiss market. While based on international project delivery models (e.g. in USA, Canada, Australia), substantial innovation is required to transfer their principles to Switzerland due to the significant differences in the Swiss legal and regulatory environment, established practices and standards, and professional culture. Specifically, Swiss IPD proposes innovations in three areas:

  • Contract law and administration
  • Construction management and processes
  • Research and development of collaborative processes

The final project result will be a practical framework for Integrated Project Delivery specific to the Swiss market and professional culture.