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Participatory decision-making for food system transformation

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In this inter- and transdisciplinary research project, we investigate with the local actors the sustainability of "terroir" agri-food systems. First, we will co-define sustainability in the local context with direct engagement with stakeholders. Second, we will facilitate the co-creation of pathway towards improving the sustainability of the system. Both globally and locally, food systems are at the heart of sustainable development. No other area is so closely linked to the environment, the economy, social structures and, not least, our health. Transforming food systems is therefore required to reach the UN sustainable development goals and targets. Food systems are essential objects of the targets for the zero hunger goal, but also for many other goals, sometimes in synergetic, sometimes in conflicting interactions. In other words, transforming food systems implies trade-offs, and requires identifying these transformation strategies that address these trade-offs in the most acceptable way for the stakeholders.