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Smart UMH: Smart urban multihub concept: Sustainable and liveable cities with low logistics visibility

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Cities suffer from too much traffic, leading to congestion, air and noise pollution. Increased e-commerce popularity intensifies these challenges further. The Covid crisis has proven that our urban logistics systems are neither reliable, resilient, nor sustainable. Our objective is to develop a future urban logistics concept that is sustainable, resilient, city-friendly, and that reduces the increasing freight traffic in cities, focussing on parcel and other goods deliveries and returns, while increasing the quality of life for city residents.

We introduce a coopetitive approach, where competitors naturally cooperate in a smart urban multihub (UMH) and deliver in a white-label approach to decoupling points between customers and suppliers. This increases logistics efficiency through bundling activities, while leading to reduced costs, reduced vehicle-kilometres driven and CO2 emission savings, and increased social sustainability through higher de-gree of liveability in cities.

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