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Biomonitoring of green roofs in the City of Hamburg

Green roof strategy of Hamburg

At a glance


The city of Hamburg practices a systematic promotion of green roofs, in the context of which a scientific eco-faunal success control is to be carried out over several years. As part of the cooperation, biomonitoring is to be carried out on 6 green roofs using a comparable method (as currently practised in Switzerland as part of a BAFU project). The installation work for the investigations as well as periodic checks and emptying will be carried out by employees of the Hamburg authorities or students of the partner university HafenCity University Hamburg according to the specifications of the ZHAW. Ten cup traps (barber traps) will be installed at each study site. The ZHAW will determine the beetles sorted out from the collection samples at species level, which will be sent by post, and will assist in the evaluation of the species lists per site. Information on the ecological valence of the species and their habitat requirements is compiled.

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