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Linguistic and occupational therapy support for augmentative and alternative communication in young adults

Empowerment for an adult life

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Persons who are using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) often do not receive new communication devices after compulsory schooling, and they do not receive further speech therapy support. As young adults, they are at a threshold into an important stage of their life, and into vocational education or employment, where they also develop new communication needs. In order to empower them to expand their language skills after compulsory schooling, the project aims for an inclusive concept of language support centering on the needs of (young) adults using AAC. It also takes into account that AAC users can only exercise their linguistic rights if their environment is trained in the linguistic needs of (young) adults in life, occupation and employment and if tools are available for an age- and language-appropriate support.

There is currently a knowledge gap for informed practice in Switzerland. Applied linguistic findings on language acquisition and easy language as well as occupational therapy findings on support in adulthood are combined in the project and linked with findings and practices of social work and public service professionals. Persons using AAC are participating in the project’s inclusive setting. They are involved via interviews, self-observation and evaluation of practices in developing supportive tools.

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