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Verletzlichkeit und Wohlbefinden von Kindern

Swiss childhood study as part of the worldwide research on “Children’s Understandings of Well-Being – Global and Local Contexts”

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›Childhood Vulnerability and Children's Understandings of Well-being‹ is a research project that involves a qualitative investigation into how children conceptualise and experience well-being and vulnerability.
The study aims to interrogate from children's perspectives the meanings of well-being and examines how children experience dimensions of well-being and vulnerability.
The aim of the project, which is scheduled to run for at least four years, is to examine the perspectives of children and adolescents growing up in unequally precarious life situations with regard to vulnerability and well-being. The project is located in the field of socio-pedagogical childhood research and is located in three language regions.
The research project is part of the network of researchers across the globe who act as hubs to undertake qualitative fieldwork within their country

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