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Digitisation in the outdoor facilities of Campus Grüental

Plant Search App

Grüental Flora & Fauna App

At a glance


Thanks to a native app, the learning opportunities offered by plant knowledge on the Grüental campus are to be optimised, made more attractive and expanded further. The app should be user-friendly and contain at least the following functions:

  • Finding plants or leading intelligent activities on site
  • Filter by learning objectives / course content / topics - Parcours / excursions can be accompanied by the app
  • Information about the plants, or linking to existing databases. Mobile e-learning on the gardens via app for all (students, course participants, lecturers and interested parties)

Development of a basic app, which can be supplemented in the future by further modules (e.g. Augmented Reality). App as a marketing instrument for the use of the gardens (research and teaching) at the Wädenswil site. The condition for co-financing by IAS is that the 0815 application can be "pimped" and supplemented this year or next by an innovative component in the areas of data science, data collection and/or interactive user experience. This aspect must be taken into account in the development of the basic concept. The innovative extension component is developed by IAS in consultation with the project team. Since the project for the IAS is approached as a research project, the app should not only have standard functions, but new findings should also flow into it.

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