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Development of LOA V

a new prospective payment system for pharmacy services in Switzerland

At a glance

  • Project leader : Simon Wieser
  • Deputy of project leader : Matthias Maurer
  • Project team : Renato Farcher, Tobias Müller, Janina Nemitz
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Other (curafutura, Schweizerischer Apothekerverband PharmaSuisse)
  • Project partner : MicroMed AG
  • Contact person : Simon Wieser


The association of Swiss pharmacies pharmaSuisse and the Swiss health insurance associations curafutura and santésuisse wish to replace the current prospective payment system for pharmacy services in Switzerland LOA IV with an improved version LOA V. The goal is to achieve a better fit between the reimbursement of pharmacy services and the average cost of delivering these services.

pharmaSuisse and curafutura have commissioned the development of this new payment system to the Winterthur Institute for Health Economics at ZHAW. The project includes a detailed assessment of the type of services provided in pharmacies and the respective work load for these services based on a sample of over 10’000 prescriptions in 30 selected pharmacies.