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EU project to assess energy efficiency policies

Implementation of Swiss energy efficiency measures in the European ODYSSEE / MURE databases

At a glance


The goal of this project is the adoption of Swiss energy (efficiency) policies and measures into the MURE database (Mesures d'Utilization Rationnelle de l'Energie). The MURE database contains a detailed description of each energy (efficiency) policy and, when available, evaluation results on the impact of energy and climate policy instruments. Examples of policies and measures in Switzerland are the CO2 levy, the "Prokilowatt" program, or the "Gebäudeprogramm."

The ODYSSEE database includes energy efficiency and CO2 indicators with data on energy consumption, their drivers, and corresponding CO2 emissions. ODYSSEE enables data comparisons using market diffusion, decomposition, benchmarking, energy saving, and an indicator scoreboard. The goal of the ODYSSEE-MURE project is to provide EU member states as well as Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland with comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption and efficiency trends, as well as an assessment of energy efficiency policy measures by sector. The MURE section is headed by the ZHAW School of Management and Law and the ODYSSEE section by the University of Geneva.

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