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3D chemistry - platform and app for classroom use and teaching - digitalization


3D chemistry project flyer

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Three-dimensional imagination is highly relevant for understanding the fundamentals of chemistry at university level. Especially when drawing molecular structures, it is important that students are able to imagine molecules/salts with the right geometry, so that the correct functioning in environment/biology/chemistry can be deduced.So far, model kits have been used in teaching. Due to the increasing number of students, this learning method is no longer useful. To enable students to better understand and memorize the chemical and biological structures, an app for Android and iOs has been developed in cooperation between the Institute for Chemistry and Biotechnology ICBT and the Institute for Applied Simulations IAS at ZHAW.On the one hand, the project aims at facilitating and supplementing the understanding of chemical processes in the environmental field. On the other hand, the students will be enabled to visualize chemical structures independent of specific (and expensive) software.The project was supported and financed by funding for e-learning from the ZHAW (Department LSFM).

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