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Trace gases Measurement by a VTOL

Wingcopter VTOL with trace gases measurement devices

At a glance


The GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam focuses on research in the field of exchange processes between soil and the atmosphere. In particular, the climate-relevant gases methane and CO2 in ground-level air layers are to be measured to make climate models more accurate. This is supposed to be done with unmanned aircraft (UAV). For flexible use even without take-off and landing strips, a vertical take-off and landing measurement platform based on the aircraft Wingcopter 178 is developed.
The ZHAW has developed and tested a unmaned aircraft with a payload of up to 10 kg with its measuring platform UMARS. This is characterized by a large volume for measuring instruments, but is not a VTOL. The UMARS has flown a measurement package, including a fast dew point mirror and 3D wind measurement for turbulence measurement.
Based on this experience, a vertical launching measuring platform will be set up for the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, which will measure methane and CO2 gas flows.