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Perspectives Muotathal Klöntal, Switzerland (project dossier from Phase I & II, 2016 to 2017)

Supracantonal positioning and development project for the Muotathal area, Canton Schwyz and Klöntal, Canton Glarus

At a glance


If the eastern part of the municipality of Muotathal SZ and the Klöntal GL with the connection over the Pragelpass are understood as a functional space, new possibilities for tourism offers and for raising awareness of the outstanding natural and landscape values of the two subspaces open up compared to an administrative cantonal understanding. As a result of an initiative from the Klöntal, the municipality of Glarus, Glarus Service, the Richisau Foundation, the municipality of Muotathal, the Muotatal Network and the Pragel Bödmeren Alpine Products Cooperative came together in 2016/17 to lay the foundation for a project entitled "Perspectives Muotathal Klöntal" (PMK) 2018/19. The project dossier, which was prepared in 2016/17 in a participatory process, provides information on the orientation, procedural planning, project organisation and costs. It shows possible financing and serves as the basis for a funding application.