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CTI Gotthard water

Developement of standards for the production of burbot and pike-perch in temperated water of the Gotthard-tunnel in Erstfeld

At a glance


The Basis 57 sustainable water use SA wants to use the temperated water from the neat basis tunnel for production of local fish. Therefore, a research facility will be buildt for a production of burbot and pike perch. The goal is to test the water quality for fish production and to develop production standards for commercial aquaculture. There will be buildt tree different recirculated aquaculture systems: quarantine, burbot-RAS and pike-perch-RAS. In these, the production standards for burbot production will be optimized with experiments regarding tank structurs, rearing temperature and stocking density. Further, the pike-perch production standards will be verified for the water from Mt. Gotthard.

The project ends with a test selling of the fish produced and delivers the base for commercial production.

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