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Expansion and development of an innovative fastening system for tool-free assembly of pipes and cables (multi-CLIC)

At a glance

  • Project leader : Prof. Dr. Wilfried J. Elspass, Lasse Nipkow
  • Project team : Men Duri Coray, Denis Herrmann
  • Project budget : CHF 312'030
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : CTI
  • Project partner : Grischa Plast AG, Maienfeld, Egli Fischer & Co. AG, Zürich
  • Contact person : Wilfried J. Elspass


The aim of the multi-CLIC project is the universal connection of the existing SLCI-System to the Fixation other manufacturer.

The tool-free mounting of cables and pipes in new buildings as well as for existing installations is going to be possible with an innovative supplement to the existing „CLIC“ pipe- and attachment system of Egli Fischer. For that purpose an adapter has to be developed, which allows the universal connection between the existing mounting system and those of other manufacturers.

Further information