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Worlds of Journalism: Switzerland

Mapping Change in Journalism: How Journalists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Perceive the Transformation of News Making

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The principal purpose of the research project is to help journalism researchers, policy makers

and practitioners better understand the changes that are taking place in the professional orientations of journalists, the constraints under which they work, as well as the social functions of journalism in a changing world. Such a study is especially relevant during a time of dramatic transformations taking place within the institution of journalism. The study therefore aims to assess the state of journalism in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – in relative comparison and in contrast to other societies around the world; to trace changes over time; to detect and map the constraints and influences that shape journalists’ work; and to assess the principal factors that shape journalism in the three countries. Such a “journalism barometer” can be a helpful tool for journalism researchers, as well as media managers, regulators, journalism educators, and the professional community of journalists themselves. In addition to contributing to scientific knowledge about journalism, the study therefore aspires to provide a service to the field of practice.

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