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Ressource management ski world championship 2017 St.Moritz

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Large-scale events usually cause an increase in the consumption of resources and can therefore have a temporary or lasting impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly resource management is therefore essential for a major event in the dimension of the Ski WM 2017 today.

In 2016/2017, the Environmental Planning Research Group developed a tailor-made resource management concept in cooperation with the Environmental Community Office and successfully implemented it at the event. The overriding principle was that the consumption of resources should be avoided or reduced. The goals set were achieved: from 6 to 19 February, around 165,000 ski fans gathered in St. Moritz. A total of 28.2 tonnes of refuse, 8.4 tonnes of glass, 2.5 tonnes of petrol, 1 tonne of aluminium and 6.1 tonnes of cardboard were collected. The separation was well maintained throughout and the terrain was clean thanks to the well coordinated work of the volunteers. Advertising material could be recycled in large parts. The conclusion of the event is positive. This was also reflected in the media reports.

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