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Evaluation of a proposal for reform of the physiotherapy fee schedule

Saisine Kinés

At a glance

  • Project team : Prof. Dr. Irina Nast
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Other (Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale)
  • Contact person : Irina Nast


The health insurance «Caisse Nationale de Santé-D'Gesondheetskeess» (CNS) of Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish Association of Physiotherapists (ALK) conjointly elaborated a proposal for reform of the physiotherapy fee schedule. On behalf of the Cellule d’expertise médicale (CEM), the ZHAW institute of physiotherapy evaluated the proposal by systematic literature research and by expertise gained in health services research projects. The evaluation focused on the comparison of the new proposal with the current fee schedule in terms of state of the art from physiotherapy research evidence, professional autonomy and expected physiotherapy outcomes.The project has been successfully concluded.