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ZHAW Digital Health Lab

The ZHAW Digital Health Lab brings together experts from the fields of biomedicine, health, technology and business, who together create innovations for digitisation in healthcare.

Our vision

We firmly believe that through sustainable digital transformation, the healthcare system can be enhanced, leading to improved health and well-being for the population and all stakeholders.

Our mission

Our contribution to fostering intelligent digital transformation in the healthcare sector includes:

Digital Health Lab Day

In keynotes, workshops, poster presentations and start-up pitches as well as other formats, the developments and specific applications of digital solutions for the healthcare sector will be presented and discussed using impressive showcases.

The next Digital Health Lab Day will take place on Tuesday, 3rd September 2024 at the ZHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur. Join participants from healthcare, IT, management, health experts, startups und research, learn and discuss about recent developments in digital health.

Digital Health Lab Day 2024 - People, Technologies & Processes

Digital Health Lab Day 2023 - Digital Strategies for Future Healthcare

Digital Health Lab Day 2022 - Smart Healthcare & Digital Innovation

Digital Health Lab Day 2021 - Implementing Digital Health Innovations

Digital Health Lab Day 2020 - Digital Citizen-based Medicine

Digital Health Lab Day 2019

Digital Health Events

31.01.2024 - Digital Health Lab Webinar: Unveiling the Inner Workings of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in Healthcare - A Grounded Look at Capabilities and Limitations | Václav Pechtor, ZHAW

09.11.2023 - Digital Health Lab Webinar: Digitale Kompetenzen von Pflegefachpersonen und Mediziner:innen – Sind sie bereit für die digitale Zukunft? | Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer, ZHAW

19.10.2023 - Digital Health Lab Webinar: AI Leaders in Swiss Healthcare | Blaise Jacholkowski, Zühlke & Dr. Jens Haarmann, ZHAW

07.09.2023 - Digital Health Lab Webinar: ExerUP!: Design and evaluation of a digital exergame-based solution for an effective and attractive sports rehabilitation | Michelle Haas, ZHAW

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