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BA in Communication

The BA in Communication is practical in its orientation; practical and theoretical aspects of the course are of broadly equal weight, as are practical exercises and more reflective study. Because its syllabus is modular, it enables students to plan their studies individually and structure their schedules flexibly, according to the time they have available. As a result, the BA programme is suitable both for those starting out in this field and those with greater experience.

The BA in Communication aims to provide both employability and professional mobility in a networked world. Its modular structure means that whether you are entering the discipline after completing your secondary education, are switching to it from another discipline or wish to move ahead by building on your existing skills in journalism and communication, the programme provides a route to a recognised BA degree in Communication with a clear practical focus. Your study plan for progressing along that path and the structure of your timetable will depend on your individual choices and circumstances. The IAM’s BA in Communication degree prepares you for a career in which you both have, and must have, a say.

The IAM’s consecutive MA degree programmes are designed for students who have recently completed their BA degree. These MA programmes provide students with an opportunity of broadening and deepening the skills and knowledge they acquired during their BA degree courses. They prepare students for academic work (with the possibility of going on to a PhD), for journalism or for a variety of roles in the field of organisational communication, such as communication consultancy or editorial management, and in different spheres of society, such as business or culture.