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Organisational Communication and Management

In the professorship of Organisational Communication and Management, we research and develop structures, processes and strategies that are designed to reinforce the interplay between strategic management and communication management, to ensure that organisations are able to position themselves sustainably and to promote digital transformation within organisations. We provide our expertise to communication managers and organisational leaders in consultancy projects. For example, we use our IAM Digital Transformation Navigator to assist organisations in their specific problems related to digital transformation and communication. In addition, we offer schools an online assessment tool for developing their own communication processes. In the area of identity and reputation management, we disseminate knowledge and methods to analyse, optimise and implement positioning and communication strategies. We contribute to the professionalisation of this field by incorporating the results of our research in academic programmes and continuing education, as well as in our publications.

Research-based teaching

The results from our research in the area of Organisational Communication and Management are integrated in the teaching activities at the Bachelor’s level as well as at the consecutive and executive Master’s level. In the BA in Communication, we teach the principles of identity-oriented communication, relationship and positioning management. This enables students to design and reflect on professional communication processes.

In the MA in Applied Linguistics with a specialisation in Organisational Communication, we teach methods of analysis, conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of professional communication processes and how they interlink with strategic management. Students are able to align and review communication processes with respect to the digital transformation of organisations from a strategic and identity-oriented perspective.

At the executive Master’s level (MAS), we teach specific approaches to reputation management and strategic communication consulting for communication managers in various public arenas. Particular attention is also paid to the role played by communication in the digital transformation of organisations. We offer the following programmes: MAS Communication Management and Leadership, CAS Community Communication, CAS Digital Transformation and Communication, CAS Communications Consulting, CAS Communication Management and CAS Leadership.