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Gerda Maria Margaretha Neumeyer

Gerda Maria Margaretha Neumeyer

ZHAW School of Health Sciences
Institute of Nursing
Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 65 02

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

Lecturer, Institute for nursing

Expertise and research interests

Expertise / Research interests

Gerontological nursing
Challenging behaviour in dementia / behavioural and psychological aspects in dementia
Chronic condition (chronical heart failure; HIV/AIDS)
Person-centred care
E-learning / Blended learning
Counseling and evaluation of bachelorthesis

Educational background

Education and professional development
CAS edidactics, Planning, developing, supporting digital learning offerings, Distant University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
2014 Master of Nursing Sciences ZFH, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
2006 CAS in Mental Health Counseling, University Zurich
2005 CAS in gerontology - better understanding, successful communicating, innovative shaping, University Zurich
2000 Diploma in nursing pedagogy, Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen am Rhein
1992 Diploma as a Nurse, Kreiskrankenhaus Mallersdorf

Professional milestones

2010-2012 Nursing expert at a Long-term care facility at the hospital Limmattal, Schlieren
2000-2009 Teacher at Theodosianum, School for nursing, Schlieren
2000-2000 Staff position in in-house training and qualitiy Management
1996-2000 Nurse in different fields: interdisciplinary intensic care unit, internal medicine, transition period care, otorhinolaryngology/paediatrics, Krankenhaus St. Elisabeth, Zweibrücken
1992-1996 Nurse at a interdisciplinary intensive care unit, Kreiskrankenhaus Mallersdorf

Membership of networks