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Aqu@teach – The first aquaponics curriculum to be developed specifically for university students

The results of our ERASMUS+ project have been published.

Aquaponic food production requires a broad spectrum of knowledge in order to understand and manage the processes involved. For commercial aquaponics to develop its full potential, it will require an appropriately trained workforce. Aqu@teach covers the basics of aquaponics with a focus on transferable and entrepreneurial skills.

The aquaponics curriculum can either be taught using blended learning – combining digital media and the internet with classroom formats that require the physical co-presence of the teacher and students – or as an e-learning course.

All of the Aqu@teach resources are open access. They include the e-learning modules, textbooks, module guides for students, curriculum guides for teachers, best practice guide for teaching aquaponics, and toolbox of innovative didactic practices.

Aqu@teach was devised in collaboration as an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Higher Education. The projecct is described in a special edition on «Aquaponics: Circular Sustainability for Food Security» in the Journal Horticulturae:

Horticulturae | Free Full-Text | Aqu@teach—The First Aquaponics Curriculum to Be Developed Specifically for University Students (