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ZHAW digital - Portfolio

We see digital transformation as a development that affects society as a whole and should therefore be approached from various perspectives. There are numerous experts at the ZHAW who are doing excellent work in their discipline within research and education.


Research at the ZHAW is guided by the contemporary needs of society and economy while simultaneously exploring and shaping the needs of the future. By doing so, the ZHAW contributes to innovative solutions, social progress and a thriving economy. Our researchers offer insight into the entire spectrum of sciences grappling with digital transformation.


To us, education is one of the pillars of society. That's why we take care to keep refining our education and continuing education to ensure we foster future-oriented experts, critical thinkers as well as hands-on practitioners. It is important to us that ZHAW alumni and alumnae can do more than just connect: we want them to actively and responsibly shape the digital transformation of society. To achieve this goal, we emphasize content that is fit for the future, innovative ways to learn and we encourage our teaching staff to use the opportunities the digital transformation affords in experimental and creative ways.