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The IAM conducts applied research in the disciplines of organisational communication, journalism, media linguistics and media literacy.

The IAM answers research questions from the fields of organisational communication and journalism that are relevant to professional practice. To this end, we use and expand theories and methods from the areas of communication and media studies as well as linguistics. Our dense network in the world of communication opens doors to editorial offices, agencies and companies that remain closed to many researchers. At least this is what we hear from colleagues when we present our applied research at international conferences. Together with our industry partners, we develop solutions that they can utilise and which we introduce into the scientific discourse.

IAM MediaLab

The IAM MediaLab is a participatory platform that encourages people to actively engage in the challenges brought on by digital transformation. For example, it helps participants develop key competences and skills in dealing with new presentation formats in journalism and organisational communication. It is an incubator for ideas and innovation as well as a think-tank for employees, graduates, students and industry partners. The overarching question across all that we do remains the same: What is digital transformation doing to us and how can we deal with it?