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Call-E: Virtual Call Agent

At a glance


The industrial project partner offers online brokering of loans, mortgages and insurances. The brokering process
involves several phone calls of a call agent with a potential client. This is time-consuming and
highly repetitive. For this reason, we want to develop a dialogue system which can
take over part of the tasks: it will initiate calls to potential clients, aggregate missing data and
answer user questions.
Brokering loan and mortgage applications is a very sensible and delicate topic, and requires a
huge amount of trust between client and service provider. This has to be accomplished also
by an automated dialog system. For this reason, one main innovation in this project is to
guarantee a “trustworthy” appearance of the system.
For the implementation, existing tools for Speech-to-Text (STT) and Text-to-Speech will be
used for the spoken dialogue processing. The STT component will be extended to handle
typical accents of German in Switzerland (“Swiss High-German” and non-native speakers, but
not Swiss-German). A dialogue manager will be trained using reinforcement learning, and
utterances are generated with a combination of data-driven natural language generation or
template-based text generation with slot-filling. In addition, an information extraction
component will be trained on a newly generated spoken dialogue corpus, to identify relevant
data entries in arbitrary textual formulations.
The solution is available 24/7 for the customers and will be deployed in three sub-companies
of the industrial partner.