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Thesis Writer: A Web-based Learning Environment to Support Dissertation Projects (BA, MA and Doctoral Theses)

At a glance


Scientific writing is a, and perhaps the key competence one acquires during tertiary education. Not only students who acquire this skill, but also lecturers who teach writing for higher education are confronted with a series of challenges.

A new web-based learning environment, based on applied research, is currently developed as an interdepartmental cooperation between the “Faculty of Applied Linguistics” (Prof. Otto Kruse, Dr. Madalina Chitez) and “Faculty Management and Law” at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The learning environment will introduce students to the process of writing a final thesis and enables them to acquire several competences in writing.

Webinar introducing Thesis Writer and first research results:


Head of the project

Christian Rapp

+41 58 934 66 56

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