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Investigating demands on language professionals

; (). Investigating demands on language professionals: Conference paper. In: VALS-ASLA Conference 2008. Changing Societies: methodological challenges for applied linguistics. (7-9 February). Lugano: University of Lugano.

The demands on language professionals have increased in recent years, extending from traditional translation from source into target language, adaptation of texts for different readerships, self-revision of own translations and texts, revisions of others' translations, post-editing of machine translations, revision of non-native users? writing, and proofreading. Developments in software applications and business processes in many translation service companies reflect these changes in the workplace, but little research as yet has been done into what demands these various translation and writing processes place on cognitive resources. In fact, many translators prefer translating to editing and other specialized tasks, since they say that they chose to become translators and not technical writers. They may be unprepared for the shifts taking place in the workplace and feel professionally disoriented. We will present an approach to triangulating empirical research on actual working processes that could lay important foundations for optimising training, workflow efficiency and output quality at all levels of translation competence, from novice to seasoned professional.