Swiss energy policy in translation

; ; (). Swiss energy policy in translation. In: Rosenberger Staub, Nicole; Kleinberger, Ulla (Hg.). Energiediskurs. Perspektiven auf Sprache und Kommunikation im Kontext der Energiewende (177-197). Sprache in Kommunikation und Medien, 10. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Peer reviewed.

With an increased societal focus on issues such as climate change, the way governments communicate with their citizens about energy policy has grown in importance. The complexity of Switzerland’s official multilingualism makes this process worthy of critical consideration. In particular, the federal government website presents an interesting test case of the extent to which communication about energy policy is balanced in terms of the four Swiss national languages and whether such information is accessible to those who are not proficient in any of them (e.g. many non-Swiss media). The quantitative data are supplemented with a qualitative analysis of two key terms in Swiss energy policy. Finally, implications for government-citizen communication are discussed from a translation perspective.