Translators and technology: constraining or aiding creativity?

; (). Translators and technology: constraining or aiding creativity?: Conference paper. In: ASTTI-Tagung équivalences 2014: Übersetzung und Technik. (24. Oktober 2014). Bern: ASTTI.

The increasing use of language technology tools, such as translation memory systems, termbanks, and online dictionaries, has prompted an interest in their impact on cognitive processes, creativity, and the quality of translation products. Ideally, CAT tools relieve translators of the tedium involved with text production and help them to find creative, appropriate solutions by freeing up cognitive capacity to deal with challenging translation problems. However, our research at translators’ workplaces has indicated that CAT tools are not being used to their full potential or are even unnecessarily constraining the users they should have been designed for. Drawing on a large corpus of translation processes collected from professionals and students, we discuss key issues posed by the cognitive, physical, and organizational ergonomics of translation.