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Online Web Experiments Using Live Web Content

; ; (). Online Web Experiments Using Live Web Content. Academy of Marketing Conference 2014, Bournemouth (UK), 09. July Peer reviewed.

Purpose: The web provides a vast range of opportunities for online marketing researchers to test ideas and theories in a “real world” online surrounding. Controlled field experiments have often been too expensive to conduct in the past. This paper presents a new methodology, that allows to experiment in a cost and time efficient way.

Method: Based on an existing conceptual model and available internet technology, we built a system to conduct online experiments in a real world setting.

Results: In the present paper we introduce a web tool named “Silent Surfer”, which enables researchers to conduct online field experiments by integrating e-mail, information page, web experiment artefacts with live web content and an online questionnaire into one integrated solution.

Conclusions: The “Silent Surfer” tool was tested in a first field experiment and first experiences collected. The tool allows for quick and realistic online testing, while at the same time saving costs and time.