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The Silent Surfer ‑ An Online Tool for Web Experiments

; ; (). The Silent Surfer ‑ An Online Tool for Web Experiments. ABSRC 2014 , Venice, 28. March. Peer reviewed.

The World Wide Web has become omnipresent in the everyday life of consumers: they are using it to shop online or to connect to friends via social networks. It is therefore no surprise, that these developments have drawn the attention of marketing researchers and practitioners. The web provides a vast range of opportunities for online marketing researchers to test ideas and theories in a “real world” online surrounding, with controlled field experiments that have been too expensive to conduct in the past. Technology has advanced so that online experiments can be implemented in a cost and time efficient manner as well as yielding higher sample sizes than other research methods. In the present paper we introduce a web tool named “Silent Surfer” which enables researchers to conduct online field experiments by integrating e-mail, information page, web experiment artefact with live web content and an online questionnaire into one integrated solution.