Looking beyond the text: the usefulness of translation process data

; (). Looking beyond the text: the usefulness of translation process data: In: Knorr, Dagmar, Carmen Heine & Jan Engberg (eds). Methods in Writing Process Research, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 81-98. Peer reviewed.

One of the major challenges in translation process research has been establishing its relevance to the quality of products. Comparisons of individuals with different levels of experience can and have been used in attempts to identify the parameters associated with translation competence. The present chapter explores how various quantitative measures derived from a large corpus of translation processes differentiate students from professionals and might be predictive of future student performance. Focused use of external resources, pausing, and speed of target text production were robust indicators of professional experience. In addition, the amount of revision done by MA students in the beginning of their first semester seemed to be inversely related to their performance in their final-semester translation course. We propose that reflective text production may be a strong indicator of translation competence and discuss some implications of our findings for diagnostics, training, and evaluation.