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Syllable breaks in Swiss German: Implications for hyphenation

(). Syllable breaks in Swiss German: Implications for hyphenation. Phonology, Morphology, and the Empirical Imperative. Grace Wiebe et al. (eds), Taipei City: Crane Publishing 157-173. Peer reviewed.

Intuitions about syllable structure have direct implications for the practical problem of hyphenation. Bruce Derwing's work on the syllable, spelling rules, and the influence of orthography in English phonological judgments is extended here to an unwritten language without accepted conventions of hyphenation. Predictions based on different principles of syllable division and standard German hyphenation rules vary for words with certain syllable forms. The judgments of syllable breaks in bisyllabic Swiss German words made by both naïve Swiss children and Swiss translation college students are well predicted by the obligatory onset principle described in the new German rules. These rules, with a minor adjustment for intervocalic stop-liquid clusters allowed word-initially, are recommended for Swiss German hyphenation.